Collection: A Bak Kwa Wine Pairing Special

Talk about food that Singaporeans are most looking forward to binge on during CNY, and we are pretty sure Bak Kwa would be ranking high in that list. Derived from a meat preservation and preparation technique used in ancient China, bak kwa is a delicacy originated from Fujian province where the consumption of meat was considered a luxury, usually reserved for Chinese New Year. A translation from the Hokkien dialect, Bak Kwa means dried meat. This barbecued pork jerky’s deep red color is considered auspicious in Chinese tradition, symbolising good luck and believed to ward off negative energies. Not to mention how dangerously addictive it is to munch on while having hearty conversations during this joyous festival.
We have seen many variations of this traditional delicacy over the years, so here are some pairing suggestions for your enjoyment this Lunar New Year!

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