Subscription Packages

"DISCOVERY by GV" is our latest offering of a wine subscription plan due to strong demand from our loyal customers. Delight in a monthly, fuss-free delivery of 2 bottles of wines sent to your doorstep when you sign up for any three of our Wine Subscription plan. The three packages range from $108 per month, for the amateur wine lover who has just started on his or her wine journey, to $338 per month for the serious wine lover who would like more complexity in his or her wines.

Members Benefits

Corkage Waiver - Enjoy corkage waiver at selected partner restaurants. With a strong presence in the F&B scene in Singapore, receive a ready list of BYO-friendly eateries when you sign up for any of the three plans available. We constantly engage new partners and receive these updates on the newest places to wine and dine at!

Exclusive Mailing List - Get onto Grand Vin’s exclusive mailing list when you register yourself for "DISCOVERY by GV" and receive the latest updates on attractive wine offers and special dining events.

Subscription Plan Overview

The three packages varies in price to meet your budget as well as your taste preference.

Package Monthly Fee Bottles per month
Explore $108 2
Apprentice $208 2
Connoisseur $338 2-3
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How Does It Work?

Simply sign up for any of the three of our wine subscription plan in "DISCOVERY by GV" and sit back and enjoy a delivery of 2 bottles of wines each month, right to your doorstep. 

Monthly Deductions

A monthly subscription fee will automatically be deducted from your credit card so you need not worry about falling behind on payments.

Delivery To Your Doorstep

Enjoying a fresh selection of wines regularly has never been easier. Gone are the awkward days of standing alone in a wine shop waiting for someone to help you pick a bottle.

Upgrade Or Cancel Your Plan

Bond with your loved ones over and over again by indulging in the next plan. Enjoy the flexibility of upgrading to the next subscription plan or cancel the existing one.

Why Subscribe?

Relax at home with these top quality wines and even try to have fun and pair them with your home-cooked meals. 

Exquisite Labels From Good Houses

As Grand Vin Pte Ltd is the authorised distributor of multiple top wines agencies, "DISCOVERY by GV" will ensure  a ready supply of top quality labels from renowned producers.

Monthly Fuss-Free Selection

Every wine are picked by Oenologist who literally knows what makes good wines. You need not break a sweat nor mull over what to drink when friends come over each month. 

Informative leaflet with every delivery.

Discover new labels and explore more flavours from a variety of wines each month.

Get In Touch With Our In-House Oenologist

Through our subscription, you can speak personally to our In-House Oenologist and acquire more knowledge. 

An Informative Leaflet With Every Delivery...

From taste notes to food pairing recommendations, browse through our leaflet as you relish the bottle with a loved one.  


View All Questions

Need I sign off for my wine delivery?

Yes, you will need to sign off on your delivery as we are not liable for any breakages that occur after delivery. Also please take note that all our wines are delivered chilled and you can witness this for yourself during delivery. Please enjoy your wines!

Can I return the wine if I change my mind or I had received a bad bottle?

The fun in signing up for "DISCOVERY by GV" is to receive different bottles to try each month. These are all quality wines that you may not be familiar with and we urge you to try them with an open mind. Therefore, we do not enourage you to "change your mind". As these are also not vintage bottles, we assure you that the bottles are mostly in impeccable condition and the chances of you coming across a "bad bottle" is very low if not none.

Can I change my delivery date and address?

In the event that you are not at home on the day of delivery or have moved your residence, please let us know 48 hours in advance so we can re-schedule delivery accordingly. Kindly note that in the event of delivery failure, you may be charged a delivery fee for the 2nd attempt.

How do I cancel my wine subscription plan?

Simply log into your account, click on "My Subscriptions" and select the plan which you would like to cancel. Click on "Cancel" to terminate the plan.

Can I change my wine preference from mixed selection to all red wine or all white wine?

Our specially-curated selection of wines allow an optimal wine experience by introducing a range of labels from top producers and we do not recommend any changes. We have factored in the preference of red for the average local wine buyer and there may be some months where 2 bottles of red are featured.

Can I postpone the wine delivery to the next month?

Yes, we can postpone delivery to the next month with your next batch of wines so you will receive two months' worth of wines. However, do kindly note that payment on your credit card will still be charged on the date which you signed up as the system is automated.


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