Riesling Week: Featuring High Class Dry Riesling - Monte Vacano

Riesling Week: Featuring High Class Dry Riesling - Monte Vacano

Every year, the German Wine Institute organises Riesling Weeks around the world to introduce the high quality, diversity and wine pairing capabilities of Riesling and other grape varieties. This year, for a second time, the Riesling Week will be held from 21st Apr to 28 Apr 2024 in Singapore, and Grand Vin is pleased to be a part of it! Apart from a Riesling tasting with the German Wine Princess, Jessica Himmelsbach, on 25 Apr, enjoy 10% off selected rieslings from now till 28 Apr, on top of the exclusive opportunity to taste the rare and excquisite high class dry riesling from Robert Weil - Monte Vacano.

About Monte Vacano

The Vacanos are a family of traders and lawyers who were appointed to hereditary knighthood by Emperor Joseph II in 1786. Dr. Robert Weil and his wife Emilie, from the "Edle von Vacano" family, founded Weingut Dr. Robert Weil in Kiedrich in 1875, purchasing selected parcels in the vineyards of Kiedrich, including a prestigious parcel formerly owned by the Count of F├╝rstenberg, known as "Lay". This parcel, marriage-portion of the Vacano Family for Emilie, was honoured within the family as MONTE VACANO, with its wines kept only for family celebrations. This tradition fell into oblivion after Dr. Robert Weil's death, but was revived in 2018 with the release of an extremely limited amount of bottles, marking the first public offering of MONTE VACANO since 1921.

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