The Auspicious Vinous: 龙袋+龙船

The Auspicious Vinous: 龙袋+龙船

Dragon - the only mythical creature amidst the zodiac line. The dragon has been considered by many as an important cultural symbol. From benevolent creatures to fire breathing monster, the dragon all in all symbolises courage, confidence and adventurousness. On top of that it represents success and ambition. Allow us over at Grand Vin to offer up some amazing gifting options, aptly named for this highly anticipated auspicious year of the Dragon.

Long Dai Logo

“The Chinese Lafite – The beginning of a never ending story“
5000 feet above the Yellow Sea in the Shandong province lives the land that births Long Dai. Nestled not far from the ocean and soils with a multitude of expression. Long Dai combines distinctive qualities of each terraces from which it originates to bring forth a balance and mineral wine that exhibits a combination of tasty black fruits and sweet spices.

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Beychevelle logo

“Dragon boat wine – 龙船“

At the heart of Beychevelle’s identity, was Duke of Epernon. This great French admiral had the reputation that as boats passed the front of his estate, they would lower their sails to show allegiance. This in turn gave rise to the chateau’s emblem – A ship with a griffon shaped prow. Its name in Gascon – “baisse voile“ means to lower the sails, which later grew into Beychevelle.

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