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The Unanimous Winner of Stemware: Zalto

Did you know that in the 'stemware' showdown conducted by the folks of the Taste Edit, Zalto was the unanimous and clear winner when pitted against another stemware? The Zalto glass is designed to correspond with the tilt angles of the Earth. The curve of the bowl of each glass is tilted at 24, 48 and 72 degrees, and as the ancient Romans knew, this triumvirate of angles, when used in vessels for food and drink, not only kept its contents fresher, but also improved the taste.
Lighter, thinner and more elegant in appearance than most other glasses, you can enjoy your wine without the glass itself standing in the way of the taste of the wine. These stemware are dishwasher safe which makes cleaning them a breeze and have proven to remain crystal clear for over a hundred test washes in the dishwasher. Finally, all Zalto glasses are free of toxic lead and with so many awesome reasons to love a Zalto, can we still get more reasons? Let's speak to our sales team to find out!

Manda Oei | Export Sales Director

As a major Pinot Noir lover, the Denk'Art Burgundy glass never fails to make my heart flutter. My friends and I regularly enjoy Burgundies together and often, we use the Zaltos. We are firm believers that a good bottle of wine need a delicate glass like Zalto to do it justice. Exuding elegance and class, I use these for special occasions as these are so precious and I can't bear the thought of damaging it with frequent handling.


François Barel | Sales Manager

The Universal Glass from Zalto is my "go to" glass. Extremely versatile and easy to care for, this stemware works for all types of wines and I use it on a daily basis. Yes, indeed Zalto is no cheap stemware but it certainly gives top class performance with every sip I take. I often enjoy it at home with my wife as we relish a Billaud Simon Chablis paired with homemade fish and chips, once the kids are put to bed.


Christine Chang | Private Sales Manager

I am a Champagne lover but I don't use the Champy flutes for my bubbles. Instead, I prefer the White Wine Zalto Denk'Art as the bigger bowl allows the aromatics to whiff out easily. I have tried the Cristal Brut 1999 in the Zalto White Wine glass before and the '99 evolved very prettily throughout the night, taking on a white wine persona towards the end of the evening. In my opinion, Zalto is the perfect year-end indulgence where you celebrate and spend quality time with loved ones.


Von Tay | Private Sales Executive

The Zalto Denk'Art Bordeaux glass, to me, is the new "universal". Armed with the ability to open up even the tightest wines, this range (with a bowl bigger than the Zalto Universal) quickly allows wines to breathe and release the wine's bouquet. The showcase of scents is certainly a olfactory delight to any vinopile and I strongly urge you to pick up some Zalto's if you have not done so yet.
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