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Why you should get married in Kiedrich, Rheingau

If vinophiles are planning to get married, here's a tradition that might be of interest. Kiedrich, the Gothic wine village in Rheingau, Germany holds more than 2,000 years of wine culture, and a particular attraction for its "vineyard of matrimony". All couples who are married at the registry office of Kiedrich, says the official website of the rheingau.com, will receive a certificate which symbolically gifts them a vine from this vineyard. Every two years, couples from all over Germany meet in Kiedrich to drink Riesling from their own vineyard!

Kiedrich's famous Riesling, of course, is the other reason why you might wish to visit this picturesque town, with its Gothic treasures that escaped the war. And no other winery is more instrumental than Weingut Robert Weil in bringing the Riesling of Kiedrich to the world's attention. As the white counterpart to the grand reds of Bordeaux, the Riesling Auslesen from Weingut Dr. Weil historically graced the tables of many of Europe's noble and imperial houses since the late 1800s.

Today, Wilheim Weil the great-grandson of the founder, has led multiple innovations in the vineyards and cellars, not forgetting the introduction of the 'tiffany blue' labels. The estate holds 90 hectares of vineyards, all dedicated solely to Riesling. This uncompromising focus is built around meticulous, quality-oriented and sustainable work in the vineyard, including the use of organic fertiliser, green cover and the elimination of all herbicides.

Among the most acclaimed sites of Kiedrich are Grafenberg and Klosterberg, characterised by their steep inclines and stony slate soils that retain water. As the appointed distributor ofΒ Weingut Robert Weil, Grand Vin offers a range of dry to sweet Rieslings from this fabled terroir. Wedding or no, get a taste of these fine wines in Singapore!

2020 Robert Weil Riesling Trocken WA 88
2020 Robert Weil Riesling Kabinett WA 89+
2019 Robert Weil Riesling Spatlese WA 90+
2020 Robert Weil Kiedrich Klosterberg Riesling Trocken WA 92+
2020 Kiedrich Graftenberg Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewachs WA 95+
2020 Robert Weil Kiedrich Grafenberg Riesling Auslese 375ml JS 98
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