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Did you know where the name Malbec comes from, and 6 other facts for Malbec World Day

Happy Malbec World Day this 17 April! You may think you know all about this Bordeaux variety but we have lots of trivia for you, including where it got its name and how DBR (Lafite) crossed the ocean to Argentina to co-found Bodegas Caro, one of the most stunning high-altitude wineries in the world.


1)    2000 years ago - that's when the grape was first identified in Cahors, France.

2)    The parent grapes of Malbec are Madeleine Noir de Charentes and Prunelard - an obscure grape from the French Gaillac region. This makes Malbec a sibling of Merlot as they share one of the same parents (Madeleine).

3)    Côt Noir is its name in Cahors, but it was also known across France in local names such as Auzerrois, Pressac, Doux Noir, Quercy and more.

4)    The names malbec and pressac are allegedly adopted from two of its producers, a Hungarian farmer named Malbek and a Monsieur Pressac.

5)    It is one of 10 permitted red varieties in Bordeaux.

6)    17 April 1853 marks the date when Argentinian governor Sarmiento officially founded the research centre to bring international grape varieties to Argentina.

7)    Today, Argentina grows 85% of the world's Malbec, with some the best in Mendoza thanks to its ideal terroir with a continental climate and high altitudes.


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In 1998, the idea was raised about forming a partnership between Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) and the Catena family. The alliance combined French and Argentinian cultures, and two signature grape varieties - Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aruma is a 100% Malbec, reflecting the growing confidence of this grape on the world stage, while Amancaya, Petit Caro and their top wine Caro strike a harmonious balance between Malbec and Cabernet.
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