Impress with Mazoyères & Charmes

Impress with Mazoyères & Charmes

The wines of Domaine Perrot-Minot are crafted from seven grand cru vineyards, notably Chambertin, Clos-de-Bèze and Clos de Vougeot, as well as an array of premier crus. The dedication to quality is managed by meticulously limited yield, as well as green harvesting - a method practised in specific parcels resulting in as few as five bunches of grapes for some vines.


Mazoyères-Chambertin (Christophe’s personal favourite): Spanning 1 hectare with vines up to 55 years, the vineyard, consisting of a very arable land of brown/blond clay-limestone mixed with gravel, is located at the southern end of the area's band of grand cru vineyards, with its southern edge touching the border of Morey-Saint-Denis. Like most of its more famous neighbours, Mazoyères-Chambertin is planted entirely to Pinot Noir.

While a Grand Cru in its own right, wines from the site can be produced and labelled as Charmes-Chambertin. The latter climat lies to the north of Mazoyères, on the slopes immediately below the prestigious Chambertin Grand Cru. The legislation around the Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru allows fruit from Mazoyères to be classified as Charmes, should the producer so desire it. This is sometimes the case, as Charmes has the better name (in terms of reputation or ease of pronunciation, at least).


Charmes-Chambertin: Covering 1 hectare of vines up to 50 years old, the soils here is composed of reddish looking rendzinas, which is thin, stony, marly in certain areas and scattered with rock tips. This indicates a fractured bedrock, encouraging very deep rooting. Occupying the lowest and most shallow slopes of the grand cru belt, the vineyards are exposed to subtle topographical changes along the slopes, and are not fully exposed to the morning sunshine. This contributes to the fresher, lighter style of its wines, which are best consumed at an earlier age than those of its neighbours.


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