Collection: Leoville Las Cases

‘If Las Cases lay within the commune of Pauillac, it would surely be classified as a 1st Growth. It really is one of Medoc’s greatest estates.‘ Master of Wine – David Roberts.
The great clos of Leoville Las Cases with its grand gates and stone lion is one of the most iconic images of Medoc. Occupying the most favourable site in the northernmost corner of St Julien, only a little ditch separates this grandeur with the Grand L’Enclos of Latour. Producing one of the great Cabernet-based wines of the world, when Leoville Las Cases is amidst the lineup, it’s often hard to find anything else as enthralling. With an unrivalled consistency that has overcome the maritime vagaries of Bordeaux, and a manager like Monsieur Jean Hubert Delon that is not only ambitious and uncompromising, one can only feign patience as the wine takes on a generation to reach a mature plateau.

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