Management Team

Kate Tan, General Manager

Linda Chan, Assistant General Manager

Carlyn Teng, Finance Director

Joe Chia, Trade Sales Director

Sales Team

Benjamin Adam, Sales Manager (Private Account)

Graduating with a Masters in Enology, Benjamin, is referred to fondly as our GV “wine-maker”! A native French who is extremely passionate about wines, Benjamin is our keynote speaker for majority of our corporate tastings which he professionally hosts with zest to ensure that you have a memorable experience with the wines of Grand Vin.

Stella Vania, Sales Executive (Private Account)

Stella has been in the F&B industry in Indonesia since 2013 and her last posting before relocating to Singapore, was with a wine merchant in Jakarta as “Wine Ambassador”. Armed with a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management as well as WSET 3, you will not be surprised to find out that Stella has displayed her strong talent in Jakarta’s “Best Sommelier Competition” by finishing 3rd place in 2016!

Iris Tsai, Sales Executive (Private Account)

During her former work with Singapore Airlines as a Wine Sommelier, Iris managed to taste delicious wines at various vineyards around the world and achieve her WSET 2 certification! Equipped with excellent customer service skills, she is both passionate and knowledgeable in wines and is one of the newest asset to our extremely talented sales team.

Pauline Sim, Assistant Sales Manager (Trade)

Previously honing her craft as a sommelier at one of the casinos in Singapore, Pauline is accredited with a WSET 3 certification and has also attained good knowledge as a Sake sommelier during the early start of her career. Pauline’s extensive experience in fine wines and her ability to assess her clients’ needs and make appropriate recommendations continue to serve her well as she progresses in her career at Grand Vin.

Rebecca Ong, Sales Executive (Trade)

A Wine Specialist at one of Singapore’s top Chinese restaurant chains prior to joining Grand Vin, Rebecca is also our company’s whisky aficionado who enjoys her brown liquor aside from the fine wines in our portfolio. A team player who is well-liked by her colleagues, Rebecca’s enthusiasm in wines is easily witnessed by all who has gotten acquainted with her.

Lisha Zhang, Sales Executive (Trade)

Endorsed with a degree from one of the best Hospitality Management School in the world, and backed up with WSET 3 and ‘French Wine Scholar’ certifications, Lisha joined us this year bringing along loads of positivity and dynamism into her new role. She is able to engage and communicate effectively with her clients due to her prior experience in a fine wine company and is an excellent team player.




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