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Olio Dell’Ornellaia

Olio Dell’Ornellaia

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Country & Region: Italy | Tuscany

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*Bottled as 50cl bottles only*


Ornellaia's extra virgin oil is obtained by pressing the olives from the 2000 trees, many of them over 100 years old, that grow upon the grounds of the Estate. In these olive groves, Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino, as well as more local cultivars, are grown and hand-harvested by pickers selecting only the best-quality fruit from each tree, thereby ensuring the freshness of the olives. To prevent oxidation while obtaining oil of the highest possible quality, the freshly-picked olives are transferred immediately to the olive press, where they are pressed within two hours of their arrival.

“The oil appears a rich green, luminous and clear, with a bouquet that releases delicate, appealing notes of aromatic herbs. The palate is self-confident and well balanced in all its components, hinting of almonds and with that peppery, slightly bitter note that distinguishes olives at the moment of their peak ripeness.”

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