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Champagne Salon

S de Salon

S de Salon

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Grape Varietal: Chardonnay

Country & Region: France | Champagne

Alcohol Level (%): 7

Bottle Size: 750ml


Winemaker notes: The desire for perfection created in the infinite facets of a yellow diamond, the exquisite surprise of a tasting that takes your breath away: the pale gold of a wine held up to the light, the subtle glint of green heralding minerals, stone, chalk – so emblematic of Salon – together with wafts of fruit, dried roses in abundance, never-ending flavours that go on and on. Its freshness and slender form, its precise, aristocratic acidity promising decades of glorious ageing ahead, founded upon an impeccable structure.
Allowed to breathe momentarily, Salon 2012 unleashes its seductive powers on the palate, with notes of pineapple, lychee, a touch of smoke; caressing with a knowing smile as beguiling and mysterious as the Mona Lisa, Salon does not reveal every secret.
An alliance of glorious opponents: all is fair in love and war. The love for Salon 2012. For those in the know, the connoisseurs of today and tomorrow. Savour the flash of a smile, like a flame as it catches fire.


Winemaker notes: In natural light Salon 2013 offers a radiant robe, while golden nuances dance with glints of green in the glass, a reliable indication of a superb Blanc de Blancs. White blossom, linden flowers, jasmine and bergamot zest form its bouquet, laced with the classic minerality of Le Mesnil. The magnitude of the terroir emerges, both subtle and profound. At once rich and long, the palate shows perfect balance, its power contained. The warm character of the vintage is tangible, boasting good structure with elegant rounded aromas of baked apple, toasted hazelnut and salted butter caramel. The chalky, mouth-watering finish buoyed by the evanescent bubbles carries the Salon signature. The wine’s origins have the final say: Le Mesnil is expressed in the forthright, consummate and finely honed character; Salon 2013 unveils an unexpected strength that springs forth.

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