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Domaine Schlumberger

Schlumberger Riesling Les Princes Abbes

Schlumberger Riesling Les Princes Abbes

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Grape Varietal: Riesling

Country & Region: France | Alsace

Alcohol Level (%): 13

Bottle Size: 750ml

Even though the Pinot Blanc is very old (already known in the 16th century), it achieved its present reputation only during the last few years. This grape variety is not originating from the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region but comes from Northern Italy. It was first introduced by the Anglo-Saxons. The French then also discovered it gradually and they began to appreciate this wine for its qualities of freshness, suppleness and its food-friendliness.

Winemaker notes

The dress is lemon yellow with green reflections, of good intensity. The disc is bright, clear and transparent. Wine is young. The nose is frank, pleasant, beautiful intensity. Dominated by citrus smells, the zest of lime, white flowers, fine plant, blackcurrant leaf. Aeration amplifies these smells and reveals an exotic carambole register, spices, ginger and noble smoke. The nose has a ripe register and bright, in the vintage of vintage. The grapes were returned to the perfect moment. The mouth attack is moderately large, full-bodied. We evolve on a medium sharp, pearl. The range of aromas recalls the nose, citrus fruits, the zest of lime, white flowers, fine plant, spices, ginger and always, watermark, this underlying smoke. The final has a length average, 5-6 caudalies, as well as frank liveliness. The tense balance, typical of vintage, is digestive and precise. The range of mapped aromas provides a nice feeling of freshness.

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