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A Fortunate Son and Hundred Acre Dinner to Remember!

On 8 November 2022, Grand Vin welcomed Landon Patterson, CEO of the Hundred Acre Group to Singapore.


He was in town to launch the group’s latest wines, Fortunate Son, as well as the flagship wines of Ark, Morgan’s Way and Wraith which have scored countless 100-pointer perfect ratings, which has made them the cult California wine for those in the know. As Landon explained, Hundred Acre and Fortunate Son is made by founder Jayson Woodbridge, a rare instance where the founder is also the winemaker. This gives Jayson the freedom to do things his way true to his vision of the highest standards, from using high end barrels to harvesting and fermenting plot by plot.

Landon Patterson Hundred Acre

To pull off this all-red wine pairing, we looked to our friends at 1-Michelin Star Spanish restaurant Basque Kitchen by chef Aitor Jeronimo Orive, and general manager/sommelier Vincent Jaureguiberry who is well versed with wines..   


With aperitif of Summer Dreams Sauvignon Blanc 2020 in hand, a wine that will arrive next year, the diners were treated to a well-paced feast of wine and dishes!


The fresh, textured Sauvignon Blanc was a great match for a delicate Beef Heart tomato, tomato jelly, tomato sorbet starter. 


Fortunate Son "The Dreamer" 2018 | WA 95

Fortunate Son "The Warrior" 2018 | WA 96+

Basque string beans, charcoal grilled squid, squid consommé


The Fortunate Son label was started a few years ago, with Cabernet Sauvignon fruit from specially sourced historic vineyards in Napa Valley. The Dreamer brings an immediately enticing flamboyant floral and fruit notes, vivid freshness and structured tannins that is ready to drink now, while The Warrior has impactful, muscular flavours that are more tightly wound and layered.   


Hundred Acre WRAITH 2013 WA 100

Hundred Acre WRAITH 2016 | WA 100

Charcoal grilled iberico pork presa, piquillo mousseline, confit piquillo peppers


Our guests were in luck as Landon had procured ex-cellar WRAITH 2013 in perfect condition for our tasting with the younger 2016. Though both were showing their finesse and depth, it also highlighted the difference in the two years where 2013 saw the start of the California droughts while 2016 was an acclaimed vintage. The wines had many layers of earthy black fruit, toast, smoked meats and finely grained tannins, which were ample to pair with the juicy charcoal grilled Iberico pork. 


Hundred Acre Morgan's Way 2019

Hundred Acre Ark 2019

Braised veal shank, classic mash, jus, truffle


The classic California 2019 vintage is viewed from two terroirs, Morgan’s Way and Ark. Morgan’s Way was renamed in the 2019 vintage (previously Kayli Morgan) and retains all its jaw-dropping stunning characteristics, including rich lifted black fruit notes that finish long and fresh. While the Ark is powerful in its full-bodied palate that brings savoury, meaty notes. A melt-in-the-mouth braised veal shank with buttery mash and fresh shaved truffles provided complementary savoury notes for this pairing. 


Hundred Acre Fortification 2007 | WA 100

Selection of artisanal farm cheeses


The rarest Hundred Acre bottling in Singapore may just be the Fortification, which is a fortified Port-style wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon. While packed with floral, cocoa, licorice and red fruit notes, the palate is silky smooth and integrated. A perfect, meditative wine for the interesting selection of farm cheeses that included a bright-red pesto-infused cheese.


PETIT FOUR with Coffee Tea

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