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Global Drink Wine Day

18th February is the day wine lovers from all over the world celebrate the action of raising their glass of this wonderful fermented grape juice to their lips. From connoisseurs of wines to casual fans that enjoy the odd glass at the restaurant or on an evening spent with family and friends, Drink Wine Day is certainly a highlight in all wine drinkers’ calendars.
This day originated from the National Drink Wine Day in the USA, and according to the National Drink Wine Day website:
The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine.  Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships. We embrace the positive benefits of wine such as new friends, reduced risk of heart disease and the enhancement of food and life.
So, how to celebrate Global Drink Wine Day?

Have a wine party

What better way to celebrate than to gather your fellow wine lovers and have a merry time with your favourite labels? It’s the 1 day out of 365 days in a year you have all the reasons to indulge in the finest labels in your cellars. It is, after all, a day dedicated to drinking wine, remember?


Whip up a meal with wine

If you’d like to go easy on the drinking, but would still like to pamper your palate with the fragrant flavours of wine, add it into your recipes for the day to spice up your meal! Need some inspirations to start? Here are some recipes that call for wine. You’re welcome!


Appreciate your wine glass

Apart from the wines themselves, the stemware used to drink them with plays a huge part in your wine experience as well. There are numerous factors to consider when you are selecting your stemware. The shape of the glass, for example, matters as it helps to concentrate the wine’s aroma, further intensifying the varietal characteristics – which explains why different types of wine call for different wine glasses.

Another crucial part of the glass that helps to enhance your wine drinking experience is the thickness of the glass. The rim of the glass is usually made thin so it doesn’t get in the way of the wine entering one’s mouth. One good example of sleek and thin stemware would be the glasses from Zalto Denk’art. Mouth-blown by artisan glassblowers, these Austrian crystal glassware are produced with rims as thin as 0.3mm – you almost don’t feel it between your lips!


So, here’s to sipping on em’ good stuff on Global Drink Wine Day! But, regardless of how you are celebrating this day, remember to always – DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

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