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Gold is Bold... Gold is Roederer.

From ‘christening’ ships to toasting in the New Year, champagne has become synonymous with celebration.
But why on special occasions, when there are so many types of wine to choose from, do we tend to reach for a bottle of the famous sparkling white wine? According to historians, it all comes down to a sophisticated mix of royalty, religion and smart advertising.

It all started in the 5th century when the newly crowned King Clovis of France received his first Holy Communion using locally-sourced wine from the Champagne region. A few hundred years later, a Benedictine monk named Dom Pérignon mastered the technique of effervescence and the texture started to gain popularity among the social elite. By the mid-1800s, bubbles had become a staple part of court life for the French Royals.

Fast forward to modern days, Champagne has evolved to become a powerful cultural icon and presenting a bottle at a Christmas table still adds a special touch of celebration. In this offer, we offer our Champagne Louis Roederer in giftboxes to bring you an early Xmas cheer.

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