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How GV Stole Christmas

What is GV? Not 'Grand Vin' but specifically 'Grüner Veltliner', an indigenous white grape varietal from Austria... The Grüner Veltliner (GV) is Austria’s most important white grape variety, accounting for around one third of all white grapes planted. It is a versatile grape that can produce a wide range of wines, from light and refreshing to full-bodied, rich and complex styles which are age-worthy.

Grüner Veltliner sets itself apart from other varietals with its ability to remain fresh with added layers of texture and mouth-feel. This “texture” gives the wine more body and allows it to stand up to a range of food including traditional Christmas dishes like smoked trout, vegetables like asparagus and grilled sausages and baked hams, complete with sauerkraut & onion on the side. Possibly one of the best pairings for GV will be the classic holiday turkey as the hardiness of the turkey with the oily weight of the Grüner go incredibly well together.

This festive, rejuvenate your wine fridge and bring home some wines from Domäne Wachau which has been elected the 3rd Best Wine Estate in the World in 2020! Apart from the GVs which is arguably the most iconic of all Austrian wine, there are also rieslings from this renowned producer for your consideration.

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