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All About En Primeur


En Primeur, the French translation of ‘Future’, refers to the wines that are sold before they are bottled, and therefore also known as ‘Wine Future’.

Post harvest, wines are fermented, then transferred to oak barrels to complete full maturation for a period between 14 and 20 months. Sometime around late spring, usually 6 months from harvest, barrel samples will be tasted by an exclusive group of selected wine critics and connoisseurs. These critics will then form the opinions on the quality and potential of harvest and peg a price per bottle for each wine sample. This price is then released to the public which then kickstarts the En Primeur process!



Low Prices

Buying en-primeur wines means buying wines at their lowest possible market value! This is especially advantageous for fine wine collectors and investors as the returns on investments (ROI) are guaranteed to grow with the price increase from primeur to release.

Guaranteed Provenance

As with the likes of most luxury goods, fine wines are equally susceptible to counterfeits in the market. Millions of dollars have been cheated by fraudsters at wine auction houses. If that is not a good enough reason why provenance is important, we don’t know what is.

Buying en-primeur means that you are buying directly from the winery, and that guarantees your wine’s provenance!



Only the merchants, brokers and négociants, who have very long and good relationships with the châteaux are given allocations for the most sought-after wines. After the wine critics have tasted and scored the barrel samples, the price of each bottle is then defined and released to these merchants. These merchants then release the price together with the wine score and tasting notes to their contacts and mailing list, facilitating the purchase of en-primeur wines.



The 2020 En Primeur is currently underway! Don’t miss out on it, place your orders here!

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