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Nittardi Oliva di Nittardi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Nittardi Oliva di Nittardi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

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Every year starting from the middle of October, the olives at Nittardi are carefully harvested in the traditional brucatura method — in other words, by hand — and, on the same day, are taken to the oil press in San Casciano. The early harvest, careful quality control and gentle pressing results in rich aromas and an extremely low acidity of less than 0.2%.

Created from a superior and fruity cuvée of Moraiolo, Correggiolo and Frantoio olives, our Oliva di Nittardi displays an elegant fragrance of yellow apple and avocado and, on the palate, reveals pleasant notes of basil, pine nut and almond followed by a spicy peppery finish. Oliva di Nittardi is ideal for the refinement of carpaccio, grilled vegetables, fish and meat.

Winemaker notes

What makes our Olive Oil so unique is in short:
- High Altitude organic Olive Orchards that produce always fragrant and fresh Olive Oil.
- We pick the 3 varietals separately to make sure all are picked at the right maturity and blend them only after the pressing, something that sounds simple but we are the only ones working this way.
- Hand-picking to avoid oxidation of the Olives that creates oxidized and flat Olive oil.
- working with a state of the art mill guarantying pristine and pure flavors.

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